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We offer a range of hybrids that lay you a choice of brown, cream, white & blue eggs

for brown eggs choose.....

The  Copper Maran is a really pretty hen, very easy going in nature & will lay you a lovely brown egg, she has striking grey legs & dark bronze chest feathers. laying 270 brown eggs a year makes this hen a must for a multi coloured egg box
£17 each at point of lay

Golden Speckledy 
Like the Grey Speckledy hen, this Buff coloured chicken is a docile addition to the flock, layer of light brown eggs,
 around 270 a year, a super hen with an easy going temperament 
£17 at point of lay 
A fantastic hens that lay light brown medium size eggs around 300 per year. Also known as a Black Rock or Bovans Nera, her stunning iridescent blue/black/green feathers & stunning gold collar & easy going nature make this hen a great choice to add to any flock
£17 each at point of lay

A very pretty light blue coloured hen, a cross of two Maran breeds, laying a mid brown egg around 270 a year, this pretty hen (year in year out the blues always prove popular) will add a unusual colour to your flock
£17 at point of lay

The lovely Speckledy hybrid hen is a layer of light brown eggs, sometimes speckled, they say the  more feathery her legs, 
the more speckled the eggs & laying around 270 medium size eggs a year, she is a pretty docile hen
£17 each at point of lay

for cream eggs choose....

Pretty gentle chickens that lay over 280 eggs a year, the Ambers are a great hen for beginners or young families. A Rhode Island Red hybrid she lays cream coloured eggs
£17 each at point of lay

 The Blacktail is a Rhode Island Red x Sussex hen, being a super layer, over 300 eggs a year, she is also a super friendly hen, her placid nature makes her a super starter bird, very similar to the Red Ranger, but all gold in colouring with black tips to her tail feathers
£17 each at point of lay


This stunning hen is also known as the Blue Haze or Blue Ranger, 
ever popular girl of the flock, heaviest of the hybrids & 
tends to be the matriarch.
She lays a large cream coloured egg, around 260 a year.
French Copper Maran hybrids,  some of these girls have a pretty
flash of gold or white to their chest feathers
£17 each at point of lay


A really pretty hybrid hen, the Light Sussex hen will lay you around 260 cream coloured eggs a year, she is a docile chicken, great for free ranging as you can easily spot her roaming about.
A must for any Sussex hen keeper.
£17 each at point of lay 


We love the Red Ranger, she is the kindest bird in the hen house,
 also known as the Loman, Warren or Isa Brown hen, 
she will lay you over 320 cream to light brown coloured eggs a year.
An ideal starter hen she is a great choice of chicken for families
 with young children as she is easily tamed
£17 each at point of lay

With their striking good looks these handsome Silver Sussex hens lay around 260 eggs a year. Easy going hens, similar in nature to the light sussex, but reverse in colour. They lay a large cream egg & are a pretty addition to your flock.
£17 each at point of lay

for blue eggs choose......
The Black & white barred plumage of the domino & her crested head make this bird quite an eye catcher. Laying you beautiful blue eggs she stands out from the crowd
£25 each at point of lay

In various shades of cream, gold or red with the signature top knot, the Marigold will also lay you lovely blue eggs
£25 each at point of lay

Pretty white hens with quirky characters & some with feathered top knots that lay a beautiful blue egg
£25 each

The Skyline is a Cream Legbar hybrid that often wears a 
fluffy 'top knot' feathered hair do, 
in shades of gold & browns, no two are alike.
The Skylines have an 80% chance of laying a blue egg, similar in nature to the leghorns, they can be flighty birds.
£25 each at point of lay 


The lovely  Lavender hen is a new addition to our flock.. She comes with flecks of blue to her feathers, sometimes crested laying a BLUE egg she's a pretty hen & a wonderful addition to the flock
£25 at point of lay

We can never guarantee 100% blue eggs, but our blue layers are genetically bred to produce blue eggs.

white eggs choose.......LEGHORN
Mad as a bag of spanners, flighty, crazy skinny white chickens that lay the most stunning white eggs. very prolific layers producing well over 300 large eggs a year, not everyone's choice,
but tameable with patience & time.
£17 each at point of lay


For those who like a white egg the spotty  Partridge (or brown Leghorn) is a must. Shyer than her white flock mate but
similar in size & nature to the leghorn, but in golden pheasant like colours, the Partridge is a flighty bird, but she will lay you 300 
white eggs a year
£17 at point of lay

please note we NEVER sell single hens.

Please bring a suitable box or carrier to collect your BIRDS
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Chickens are guaranteed for 3 days from the date of your receipt

We do NOT exchange hens due to the egg colour
We cannot predict when they will lay
Point of lay is 18-24 weeks of age
Hens usually take 2-4 weeks to settle & lay
Weather, diet, sunlight & age all affect laying